How it Works offers three essential services – how can we make your life easier?

Pre-written Paper Service

This service allows you to access our extensive database of model academic papers. Search for your subject to see a great example of a paper on your topic. Use this service as a guide in writing your own paper. Following our models will take a lot of the guesswork out of the writing process. We’ll even format the paper to the style of your choosing, so you’ll have a great example to follow.

Customized Writing Service

Customization is our specialty. Instead of purchasing a pre-written paper to use as your model, you can work with a writer to bring your key points and ideas to life on the page. We’ll design a complete argument from the framework you provide for us. If you’re ready to start the writing process, but don’t know where to begin, this may be the service for you. We can help you get started by writing an introduction for you, or we can create a complete model of your thesis for you to to use.

Editing & Rewriting Service

Everyone cringes at the thought of poring over and over a piece of writing that they’ve already labored for hours on, just to see if there are a few ways to make it better. In fact, a lot of people hate editing so much, that they take longer to write the first draft, because they are spending too much time editing as they go so they don’t have to later. Don’t fall into that trap. Write your thesis or dissertation and let us take care of the editing. Not only will we take care of the grammar and formatting, but we’ll also help you strengthen your paper by rewriting sections to make them more compelling.
Our goal at is to make your academic writing experience as manageable and straightforward as possible. We aim to take your stress out of the equation. Our customer service representatives are always just a phone call away, 24-hours a day.