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is your number one solution for every anxiety you have when it comes to writing your thesis or dissertation. With three easy-to-use services all designed to help you complete your paper quickly and painlessly, we are confident you will walk away feeling great about your academic career. We help you with writing your thesis or dissertation, and with editing it. We will brush up your paper, fixing weaknesses, making suggestions on content, and finally taking care of all the grammar and formatting issues.

Our staff writers are enthusiastic pros when it comes to authoring academic papers. They know exactly what professors are looking for in a thesis or dissertation, and they know how to get yours into optimal shape.

Services Features

  • Professional and focused research by PhDs
  • Open lines of communication between you and your writer/editor
  • Control the workflow with our Chapter by Chapter option
  • Superior editing service for a shining dissertation/thesis
  • Submit a clean document with our versatile Style-Formatting
  • Concentrated assistance for any problem section of your thesis
  • Build your argument up with Customized Writing Assistance


Services tailored to fit your needs

– Whatever aspect of your thesis or dissertation is giving you a headache, we have a service that will kill your pain. We provide full-service assistance with the entire thesis/dissertation writing process, from the outline to the final editing, or we can focus in on a particular problem area and work with you to fix it.

Stop worrying about grammar and formatting

– Once you have finished writing your paper, you’re work isn’t quite done! Star writers know that having your work edited by a professional gives it the extra edge it needs to stand out. Our editors will go over your paper with a fine-toothed comb, strengthening your argument and ironing out grammatical errors. We’ll even make sure it’s formatted correctly!

We build a solid structure around your ideas

– is the perfect place for you to start when you need to write an academic paper. All you need to do is supply the major points, and we’ll construct a completed model paper for you to work from. We’ll take the fear of writing out of the equation for you.